Wandering Skater

Wandering Skater

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Wandering Skater

The Wandering Skater rides blissfully with loyal companion in tow. While skateboarding is a relatively new phenomenon, it speaks to the innovation and necessity of travel and style, particularly in the youth. An awesome wandering tool for exploring towns and neighborhoods.

The Wandering Skater is a member of our exclusive Wanderer Series, an OWB collection inspired by the deep-rooted spirit in all of us to explore and wander.

Defined by the thousands of years spent as nomadic people, humans have a desire to go beyond their given boundaries. The Wanderer Series depicts the wanderer engaging in basic, explorative things we can all relate to on a instinctual level.

Keep Wandering

Some of the Wandering Skater’s Features:

  • wanderer series
  • wandering skater
  • 100% cotton

  • original print
  • coconut shell buttons
  • giving back*

*Concern India is an amazing organization that is very near and dear to us. Concern India supports a multitude of empowering projects to those in desperate need in India, a country we love and work with in our manufacturing, design and sourcing. We feel a need to give back to this wonderful place and Concern India is a great way to do that. I personally visit several of the Concern India projects while traveling to India every year and I can honestly say the work they do and the care they provide is incredibly inspiring and motivating.