The Pushkar Camel Fair Shirt

The Pushkar Camel Fair Shirt


In the state of Jaipur, India there takes place the largest gathering of camels in the world. This incredible event is called the Pushkar Camel Festival and even includes prestigious camel races.

The Pushkar Camel Fair Shirt was inspired by the idea of having an abundance of camels in one place. It's completely adorned in small silhouettes of camels. Some are upside down and some right side up but everywhere there are camels!

A classic gray background color blends seamlessly with the printed black camels. Double pockets provide additional usefulness and style.  

The Camel Shirt is made from 100% cotton and has a great weight and hand-feel. It's been constructed in a really comfortable and flattering fit which makes this a go-to shirt all summer long. 

  • 100% cotton
  • Matching Black Chalk Buttons
  • Original OWB Print
  • Two Pockets
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