Made of fabric crafted in the ikat weaving technique, an intricate process where each thread is pre-dyed before being woven into the pattern.

Ikat is a traditional skill often passed down in families and villages across India and many other countries throughout the world. With a rich history dating back thousands of years, ikat produces a high quality fabric that tends to get better with age.

Some of Martino’s features:

  • $1 of Every OWB Sale goes to Concern India*

  • Woven Ikat Fabric

  • 100% Cotton

  • Coconut Buttons

  • Pre-Washed

  • One Pocket

  • Wash With Like Colors

  • Hang Dry

*Concern India is an amazing organization that is very near and dear to us. Concern India supports a multitude of empowering projects to those in desperate need in India, a country we love and work with in our manufacturing, design and sourcing. We feel a need to give back to this wonderful place and Concern India is a great way to do that. I personally visit several of the Concern India projects while traveling to India every year and I can honestly say the work they do and the care they provide is incredibly inspiring and motivating. Namaste

-Lee Cornell, One World Brothers owner and designer

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