The Daydreamer

The Daydreamer


To Dream is to Live 

Is there anything more pleasant than to shut off for a moment or two and drift into a simpler, happy place where nothing is impossible?

Inspired by cloud formations that tell stories and visions of fantastic worlds accessible through the practice of shutting off outside noise and allowing ones mind the chance to dance and wander.

The Daydreamer invokes these inherent human qualities while expressing a feeling of hope and positivity through ones style. 

A smart, classic shirt accentuated by a unique print and a natural feeling weave. Coconut buttons offer the perfect splash of color and style. Two pockets bring a complete and cool look. 

  • Woven Fabric
  • Coconut Buttons
  • Two Pockets
  • Imported

Model is 6'0" and is wearing a Medium.



S           17.5"          37-39"      32.5-33.5"

M          18.5"          41-43"      33.5-34.5"

L           19.5"          45-47"      34.5-35.5"

XL         20.5"         49-51"      35.5-36.5"

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