Some eager students from the school for first generation learners pose for a photo after class

Some eager students from the school for first generation learners pose for a photo after class

At the core of One World Brothers is a sense of unity and compassion for our fellow brothers and sisters. We feel that all people have much deeper bonds and similarities than we realize and this awareness helps to destroy prejudices and stereotypes. We are constantly amazed by the wonderful people we encounter all over the world. 

One World Brothers donates $1 of every sale we make to Concern India, an amazing organization that provides critical assistance to many underprivileged people in India.

One World Brothers founder and designer Lee Cornell was born in Montreal. Here he learned about diversity; navigating through a proud french community while living in an english home. Immersion in multiple languages and cultures started a first-hand appreciation and respect for people from different walks of life. A year as a young boy living in India and a subsequent move to the United States further developed a data base and thirst for more.  

For Lee, brotherhood has been a defining influence since birth. One of three brothers, Lee continues to collaborate and explore the world with his bros. Through years of extensive world wide travel, the concept of a global brotherhood grew. One World Brothers is a manifestation from the belief that We Are All Brothers and Sisters of One World. If we treat each other like brothers then we will break down barriers and help make the earth a better place. 

Lee has been traveling to India since his parents brought him there as a five-month old baby. Over the past six years during the development of One World Brothers, Lee has traveled to India yearly for intensive design and production sessions spent developing original prints, scouring markets for fabric gems and working one on one with tailors during sampling. He was introduced to Concern India, a non-profit that helps very poor and disadvantaged people get a hand up in life. There are many projects that Concern India sponsors in India but just a few examples are: schools for first generation learners, a school for the hearing-impaired and a school for children with multiple major disabilities. We are very happy to be contributing to these incredible causes!


"Bold, smart and energizing Style. Made in amazing hand-crafted fabrics and dyes. Cut in flattering, comfortable fits"

Working with incredibly talented tailors in India

Working with incredibly talented tailors in India

After years of exploring and traveling, Lee found a home in San Diego, California. It was here that he fell in love with surfing and freedom of expression. As a designer's son he was always interested in fashion and the arts but it was in California that he found his style and a passion for design. He started out making bags with friends on old sewing machines in his cramped beach-side apartment. Soon a desire to move into men's clothing took over and One World Brothers was born. Today, OWB is in its sixth year in business and is steadily growing and improving every day. One World Brothers continues to stay true to its signature fabrics and concepts while evolving with changing styles and cultural landscapes.  

The New OWB 2019 Spring/Summer Collection is a culmination of fantastic fabrics and an obsession to create some of the coolest men's clothing on the planet. As always, unique, soft, comfortable, quality fabrics and prints are at the forefront of every piece of clothing in our new line. We've expanded on our natural indigo-dye prints and original OWB styles while continuing to prioritize subtle yet intriguing details. Every One World Brothers style tells a story which can be interpreted and expressed in endless ways. Our clothing provides an added sense of confidence and positivity.  

Home base for OWB is in beautiful Burlington, Vermont. Travel remains a signature element for inspiration and discovery. Lee and his wife Jessica have beautiful baby girl but still manage to embark on adventures together including a two-month road trip up the coast of California this past winter. The trip was filled with incredible landscapes and natural beauty as well as an opportunity to get to know many more communities.

Explore, Create, Express is a motto we live by at OWB.

Explore can be your own backyard, far away lands or interesting thoughts and ideas. To look deeper into things near and far.

Create is to make plans, develop a vision, an idea or physically make something. Put it down on paper or use craft with your hands, just create.

Express is to show our true selves, our thoughts or in our case, our style. Self-expression is a key to unlocking our true creativities.

Spring/Summer 2019 is going to be an amazing season. We are so excited about our new collection and where OWB is going! Our quest to promote global brotherhood and make amazing clothing continues.

Thank you for your support and welcome to the One World Brothers family.