The Wandering Bard Shirt

The Wandering Bard Shirt


Always quick with a tune

Under the pale blue moon

For there’s a song to play

Every God’s given day

The sure cure to a frown

Can be had with the sound

A sweet melody

So true and so free

It isn’t that hard

Hear the Wandering Bard

The Wandering Bard Shirt is a snap shot in the life of a musical wanderer. Playing a guitar with trusty companion in tow, the wandering bard plays on as he continues his journey to an unknown destination.

As part of our Wanderer Series, the Wandering Bard Shirt is an original One World Brothers design. Framed on a light gray background, the small repeating black print provides a cohesive combination of style and class.

Two pockets and matching black buttons provide a subtlety enhancing detail. Cut in a contemporary, flattering and comfortable fit.

Fun Facts and Details about the Wandering Bard Shirt:

  • $1 of every OWB sale is donated to Concern India. Thank you!

  • Original OWB print

  • 100% Cotton

  • Two buttoned pockets

  • Wandering Spirit


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