The Wanderer Shirt

The Wanderer Shirt


The Wanderer is inspired by the essence of so many in our past, present, future and always. The desire to search for more, to travel, forage and experience the world. The Wanderer pushes on toward the next destination. A wanderer lives deep within us all.

A classy creamy off-white base color sets the table for this epic style. Small black prints of the Wanderer and trusty companion speak to so much while saying so little. Natural wood buttons complete the look flawlessly. Cut in a comfortable yet flattering fit.

Made with 100% Cotton in a sturdy yet soft to the touch hand feel, The Wanderer will keep moving all season long. Keep wandering friends.

OWB is very proud to give back! $1 of every sale we make is donated to Concern India, an amazing non-profit that helps people in need.

We Are All Brothers and Sisters of One World!

Fun Facts and Details about the The Wanderer Shirt:

  • Original OWB Print

  • $1 donated to Concern India with each sale, thank you!

  • 100% Cotton

  • Wood Buttons

  • One Pocket


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