The Volcano Shirt

The Volcano Shirt


The Volcano Shirt was printed using natural vegetable based dyes. The vibrant deep colors were extracted from plants and then applied onto the fabric by hand with carved wooden blocks.

These dyeing and printing techniques have been passed down for generations in villages across the state of Rajasthan, a craft haven in India.

The result is a one-of-a-kind, unique style full of energy and life. One that speaks to the integrity and quality of natural dyes and the expertise of hand block printing.

The fiery shades of red invoke a sense of fun and confidence. The geometric print has a timeless quality that never goes out of style, while the hand-block print provides intricate craftsmanship and unique style. Natural wood buttons are a subtle complimentary detail.

Made from 100% cotton, The Volcano Shirt, along with all One World Brothers garments, is pre-washed, creating a soft, lightweight feel. Cut in a contemporary, flattering and comfortable fit.

OWB is very proud to give back! $1 of every sale we make is donated to Concern India, an amazing non-profit that helps people in need.

We Are All Brothers and Sisters of One World!

Fun Facts and Details about The Volcano Shirt:

  • $1 donated to Concern India with each sale, thank you!

  • Printed using Natural Vegetable Dyes

  • Printed by hand with carved wooden blocks 

  • Natural Wood Buttons

  • One matching front pocket

  • A really really fire shirt

  • 100% Cotton - All Natural 


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